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Why choose us?

PIONEER is committed to providing exceptional customer service and exceeding our customers' expectations on every project. We assist our customers in meeting their business, strategic, technical, and regulatory goals in a cost effective and timely manner. By applying superior technology to environmental issues, we are able to provide innovative and effective solutions for our customers' projects.

Our Services

PIONEER Technologies Corporation is a small-business enterprise focused on environmental consulting and software design services. We have an unparalleled commitment to providing customer service, solving environmental problems, and designing software that is focused on our customer's project needs.

Site Investigation

We develop strategic risk-based approaches that evaluate future land use to identify health-protective and cost-effective solutions. We provide customers with solutions for hazardous waste Site Investigation, evaluation, remediation, and redevelopment.

Cost Recovery

We apply strategic risk-based approaches that focus on future land use to create health-protective and cost-effective solutions for our customers' projects.

Customized Software Solutions

Our Software Development Team is focused on creating web-based software applications and providing technology to efficiently manage, evaluate, and summarize large amounts of environmental data.


Environmental Engineering

We select innovative remedial solutions for a variety of sites, contaminants, and environmental media while incorporating redevelopment consideration into every step of the process and focusing on the ultimate "no further action" goal.

Site Cleanup & Redevelopment

We apply strategic risk-based approaches focused on health-protective and cost-effective solutions by developing and facilitating synergistic outcomes.

Suite of Software Tools

We utilize a customized Suite of Software Tools that provides focused, efficient, and cost effective solutions for our customers environmental and technological project needs.

Our Reputation

We are committed to providing exceptional customer service. Many of our customers are repeat customers who have awarded us additional work based on our past performance. Our reputation is reflected in the success of our customer's projects.

Meet The Team

PIONEER's diverse academic backgrounds coupled with years of experience successfully evaluating and solving environmental issues ensures that your project will be managed and executed by qualified professionals committed to hard work.

Latest Projects

PIONEER manages numerous environmental projects throughout the United States and abroad. We conduct investigations and evaluations at large, complex sites as well as small, simple sites. An overview of our current projects is highlighted.

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East Bay site
Olympia, WA

The East Bay site, located in Olympia, Washington along the East Bay of Budd Inlet is being redeveloped as part of a larger East Bay Redevelopment Project. This Olympia community project is important due to the project’s role in helping to revitalize downtown Olympia.

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The Arkema site, located in Tacoma, Washington along the Hylebos Waterway, is a 48-acre former manufacturing site now owned by the Port of Tacoma.

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The PIONEER Project Team is conducting a Remedial Investigation (RI) at the Superlon Plastics site, a former lead-arsenate manufacturing facility located in the Port of Tacoma.

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PIONEER is leading the remediation effort at a 475-acre former manufacturing facility in Brevard North Carolina, in the heart of the DuPont State Recreational Forest.